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Branding Beyond Walls

You know that nightmare you have, where you suddenly realize you’ve gone to school in only your underwear? That’s how I imagine it feels to be the superintendent of a small, rural school district. Stop for a coffee, and you might high-five a junior who had a great soccer game. Or, you might hear from…

3 Kids Smiling

Why I’ve Learned to Love Setbacks… And You Should, Too

Why a growth mindset is just as important for adults as it is for kids Show of hands: how many of you have stumbled in the process of striving toward a goal you set just weeks ago? If you slowly raised your arm skyward (in your mind, at least), let me be the first to…


Why a New Logo Won’t Be Enough

New Year, New Brand? The four things you must have to refresh your identity — and how to get them done. Ah, January! The perfect time to turn over a new leaf. For the lucky among us, that may include refreshing your organization’s brand — or developing a brand from the ground up. But if…

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