The value of belonging

The Challenge

DSST Public Schools operates 13 schools in the Denver metro area, and will expand to 26 over the next few years. With aggressive growth on the horizon, DSST acknowledged that their brand perception would affect their ability to achieve their goals. DSST engaged Springboard Communications to translate brand insights cultivated through extensive market research into critical shifts in brand positioning.

Our Scope of Work

  • Market research consultation
  • Brand positioning
  • Messaging platform
  • Creative messaging concept
  • Campaign development
  • Digital marketing

Our Approach

Springboard Communications translated brand insights cultivated through extensive market research into critical shifts in brand positioning. New messaging engaged the head and the heart, and a crisp campaign concept drew in prospective students and families.

Belong and Be Yourself

DSST Public Schools

DSST is consistently ranked among the best schools in Colorado. But their distinctive approach yields successes that go beyond student achievement and state ratings. DSST’s focus on character development is equal in measure to their commitment to rigorous academics.

Springboard recommended shifts in brand positioning to convey the full story of DSST’s success, hinging on a key insight: When students are valued for who they are as much as what they can do, they are prepared for happiness and success in every aspect of life.

Campaign Concept Logo

Springboard also developed a concept to support DSST’s student-recruitment campaign, articulating the 180-degree shift in how the brand is expressed. The concept — “Belong. And Be Yourself.” — underscores how DSST nurtures each child’s unique gifts and talents, with dedicated teachers and students who encourage their classmates and friends.

"We now have a ‘north star’ that guides all of our marketing and communications. The positioning that Springboard developed has given us powerful clarity about who we are and how to talk about our work. And we’ve seen really positive results."
Andrew Mendrop, Senior Manager of Marketing and Brand

To ensure market relevance, Springboard tested the new positioning, messaging and campaign concept with DSST’s target parent audience. Springboard then brought the concept to life by creating digital advertising, social media, and email and video marketing. The campaign resulted in high engagement and received positive feedback from school directors, parents and community.

Just a few months after launching the new campaign, DSST has seen an 10% increase in students choosing their schools.

"Marissa gets education in a way that others just don’t. She can truly get to the core of what we do and why a lot faster. "
Andrew Mendrop, Senior Manager of Marketing and Brand

Digital Ads

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