A smiling teacher holds up a sign that reads "Students will get 40 minutes of math instruction outdoors per week."

Branding by Nature

“You came into our lives exactly when we needed you – and Good Natured Learning is proving to be the best name for our organization. You have a gift and I’m grateful our paths crossed.”

Becca Katz, Co-Founder, Good Natured Learning

Build support from donors and advocates. Recruit program participants. Garner media attention and awareness. These are just a few of the reasons why establishing a strong brand should be a top priority for new non-profits. But when it comes to branding your organization, don’t be tempted to go it alone.

As co-founders of a non-profit, Erin Allaman and Becca Katz had shaped a clear and compelling vision and mission: all K-12 students should experience the benefits of learning that takes place in outdoor setting, and their new organization would train teachers how to easily integrate nature-based learning into the school day.

The challenge? How to communicate their purpose and passion to both program participants and funders. Internally, Allaman and Katz referred to this body of work as “The Nature-Based Learning Project.” They realized, however, that their ability to attract teachers, convince school district leaders, and win over grantmakers would be limited without a thoughtful and audience-centered brand.

They tapped Springboard Communications for brand development focused on creating a new organizational name. We guided them through a simple yet strategic branding process including ideation, competitive analysis, concepting and refinement, and audience testing.

The result? The Nature-Based Learning Project became Good Natured Learning. We love that they chose this brand name because it is simple, conversational, and memorable. It’s also inclusive, creating room to add priorities and programming as the organization’s work evolves.

“It was so helpful to have your expertise as we were digging deep to think about what we want to communicate about our vision, and how this will be heard by various audiences.”

Erin Allaman, Co-Founder, Good Natured Learning

A clear and concise brand development process may be all that you need to transform your organizational identity. Get in touch at marissa@springboardcommunications.org.