2 Days/2 Years Finalist: Enroll Oakland Charters

We’re excited to announce Enroll Oakland Charters as one of three finalists to receive two days of pro bono communications strategy consulting, in celebration of Springboard Communications’ two years of helping education leaders achieve their most ambitious goals.

EOC’s mission is to empower Oakland, Calif. families to make informed choices about their public school options and make the process of selecting and enrolling in a public school easy, efficient and equitable. EOC is committed to improving and simplifying public school enrollment for all Oakland families, and has developed a number of resources to effectively reduce barriers and increase greater access to Oakland’s public school options.

EOC has partnered with the Oakland Unified School District to develop several tools aimed at dramatically increasing parent participation in school selection and enrollment. Those tools include a School Finder website that presents all charter and district-run school options; a single application form, timeline and process for virtually all Oakland charter schools; and a unified Enroll Oakland website that makes it easy to learn about and apply to all of Oakland’s public schools — by incorporating the Oakland School Finder, the Enroll Oakland Charter Application and the OUSD Application.

Enroll Oakland Charters is seeking Springboard’s support to be more tailored and strategic in their outreach and ensure that it effectively reaches and resonates with families. They hope to develop a communications strategy that will empower more families to explore their options and participate in the choice process, and encourage them to participate within the time period that provides them with the greatest opportunity to receive a seat at the public school that they believe best meets their child’s needs.